Dienstag, 3. März 2009


Do you know rag*treasure (stephanie mueller)?

"She re-designs everything that is usually considered as "unwearable":

The Green Thread

Another workshop in the first term of my studies was "Moving Pictures". We had to do a film ... Of course the theme was GREEN again.
In German there is a brilliant metaphor, literally translated "The Red Thread". How to explain ... A red thread is the central theme in a story or in a cv.

For the movie "the green thread" my friend Nanja and I took this metaphor as inspiration to think about what a green thread could be.


Christmas in March!

When I went home this night after meeting some friends there was a lot of bulk waste on the street. It was quite a strange collection of stuff and in the darkness it all looked brilliant. I had to take some things! I charged my bike till there was no space left ... and returned with a sunshine smile on my face ;-)

The wreath above is for my easter decoration ;-) I like the flowers.

I found this funny little cabinet. Don't ask me why there is this hole in the back board. But I don't care! Its just perfect to have it for all this little stuff normally dancing on my desk ... The thing on the left side is kind of a very small showcase. The front is a glass plate. Isn't that great! I can install it like a shelf ...

This are two wonderful embroidered pictures! Don't know yet how I can use them ... but I will find something - I am sure!

This are two lovely wodden picture frames:

2 (!) leatherbags and a small rucksack!

And last but not least there was this funny dinosaur ... I had to take care of it ... I will give it to a friend of mine. I am sure she will love it!

Dienstag, 24. Februar 2009

Welcome to a new period of my life!
University of the Arts

In October I began my studies at the University of the Arts in Bremen. The first tirm was very time-consuming and that is why I didn't have the time to tell you about it yet. But I will do it now bit by bit. Hope you enjoy it!

In general you have to know that as fresher in the design studies at the university of the arts in Bremen you have to attend 6 Workshops which take 2 weeks each. The theme of the whole first term was GREEN. At the end nobody of us liked the word anymore. But nevertheless this time was just phantastic and I look forward to the next weeks, month and fortunately years I can spend at this university!

My first workshop lead Kai Lehmann. It was called "construction" and I did a dress. First task was to search for an inspiration. My first inspiration was Venus:

While continuing to find out why I like the body of this Venus statue I found a picture which presented exactly the opposite of the body I wanted to choose. This was this picture (© sloggy):

As well GREEN shouldn't be forgotten ... I did several mind maps to find out what comes into my mind while thinking about green. One of my first thoughts was always nature. My theme found itself: the difference between naturalness and artificiality.
Naturalness was combined with words like unique, filigree, vulnerable, robust, strong, green, fresh, light, lively, individual and manifold.
Artificiality was combined with "perfect?", steady, global, manipulated, restricted, over-subscribed.

I wondered about if something natural can seem artificial and the other way around. I remembered some pictures of my trip to Scandinavia. It was real like the photos show it - I promise! But nature here seems nevertheless kind of unreal and therefore artificial.

As consequence out of all those thoughts I decided to do a dress which combines naturalness and artificiality. Green apears again in a different way: aim was to produce this dress without producing garbage. It was one huge square I used and besides the holes I needed for neckline and armholes I used it completely. Artificial crinkles accentuate a over-subscribed body but the crinkles are not symmetric and have not the same size. Its filigree through the many crinkles but complex as such. Its kind of conscious artificiality through unconsciuos naturality. To this point I came while reading again an essay by Heinrich von Kleist called "Über das Marionettentheater" (About the puppetry) which I read for the first time during an art class in my schooltime. I was fascinated again and recommend to everybody to read this essay!

So this was my first try at a small dress form:

And here you see the original version of my dress sewn in nettle and with some unfinished parts (armhole ...)

Later I dyed the dress:

And the finished one presents the wonderful Eunjung:



Sonntag, 8. Juni 2008

days you don't know what to do first

On days I don't know what to do first because there are so many things which have to be done I am brilliant in finding a completely other task. Today I had to try to knit with paper. Its fun! But you have to handle it with care because the paper loves to tear very fast - you can see the hole ...

the finished knitted dress:

here is the finished work called "Lesestoff". It means Reading Material but the literal interpretation from German into English is Reading Fabric.
I tried to create fabric out of paper. Not fabric so that you can really use it but I tried to translate fabric manufacturing methods: I knitted, I wove and I did hand papermaking.

Dienstag, 20. Mai 2008

trouser pocket ...

I am sure I like to repair clothes like nearly everybody likes it... my dad asked me to close the holes in his trouser pocket. But I found no black fabric... ok. That's not true: I didn't try to find a black fabric but liked the idea of sewing something funny in the pockets (it's a pity that you can't see it during he wears it...). That is the result:

Dienstag, 22. April 2008

children art room – some more photos

I am really happy that I got now some more photos of my children workshop about which I wrote some time ago.

My "sewing" group – 9 girls and me:

Annika, the youngest girl together with her bag and her pillow! She was 8!

Annalena and her bat-family:

Cornelia and her bag:

Alexandra and her bag:

Lena and her bag:

Nora, her bag and her Mini-Quilt:



And another Hannah:

Sonntag, 13. April 2008


Today I sewed this little picture. I wanted to try other colors than my "usual" blue woman and red lips... that is now "sepia" style...

Dienstag, 8. April 2008

CD-Jacket and Notebook – Application for Tollwood

Two new "inventions" of my "sewing-studio" ;-)
I sewed a jewel case and a cover for a pocketbook. This two things are for my application at the tollwood festival in Munich in June/July which I just finished. This year Tollwood offers for the second time the possibility to 10 young artists/handcrafters to get a stand for free during the whole summer-festival. I apply together with my sister Anneli. She is an artist and lives in Bremen. If you want to get to know her better, please have a look at her projects. At the moment she is leading a café in the inner city of Bremen called "dreijahre" (threeyears).
Anneli is going to produce a lot of t-shirts in special techniques which I will show you soon.
My idea is to take my sewing machine, a lot of different thread, fabrics and papers and to sit there at the stand waiting for work. Ok, not really. Sure I will have some finished products or even a lot. But what I really wanna do is to sew exactly the product the customer imagines. So he sais to me the text or maybe the motive and I sew it for him right now so that he can take it immediately. I offer some different possibilities of products. For example postcards, jewel cases, small notebooks, small pictures you can add to a present, small leporelli and so on. Sure I can just design you a special letter paper or an envelope, write your name or something different on a bookmark or I can even write you a whole letter like I did for my sister as you can see some posts before ... who knows which ideas the people will have ... and who knows if I get the possibilty to realize this concept.

Now I am really curious to get the answer of Tollwood!

Here I designed the cover for the notebook. Inside is quad paper and you can close the book with a buttom on the front and a thread from the back side.

This is my jewel case. I am thinking here as well about a "closable case" with a button but I didn't try it yet.

Sonntag, 6. April 2008

I remember ... (Ich erinnere mich)

This is a small leporello as a gift for Inge. Inge sent me some days ago a wonderful sewn book from Laos. Because I was so happy about it I did this small leporello for her as a gift. I put the photos of the sewn book of Laos at the end of this entry. Laos was once a french colony and today there is a project of French people there with some kids. They sew with them after school some things which they sell and take the money to organize better teacher etc.

The text of my "Thank-You-Leproello" is out of a book which my father published some years ago. The author is Uli Becker. The whole book is about "I remember" Every passage (between 1 to 5 lines long) starts with this words and tells a fact nearly every reader completely understands (it depends on the age – some things I don't get because I am too young to know the product or the human being he is referring to...)
For this leporello I had to find some sentences where it is easy to draw (sew) a small picture... I translate the sentences next to the photos.

There you see the leporello inside its "jacket".

This is the first page. There is just written: "I remember"

"I remember promotion events where they gave away balloons and that everybody always wanted to have a second one for the younger brother."

"I remember how it sometimes itched under such a bobble hat."

"I remember licking the bowl and the promised stomachache of the dough which never came."

Last page: "Uli Becker & esthersophie 2008"

back side impression. I like the chaotic threads so much! I have to sew a lot more often things where I only use the back side as the front side!